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I’ve always enjoyed writing. Words have the capacity to fire our imagination and allow a personal perspective that is somehow lost in visual media. Here, you are seeing things from the director’s vision rather than creating a scene in your own mind from the pages of a book. With the written word, the voices you hear are created by you, not those of the actors in a film or play. Colors and scenes can be as fantastic or as simple as your own interpretation makes them.

It’s one of the reasons I love writing science fiction – the imagination can run wild in the mind of the reader as well as that of the author!

As for other activities, I’ve had a varied work life that started in Aeronautical Engineering engineering and included a ten-year spell as an actor. The love of music is also a major part of my life. I play acoustic and electric guitar to a reasonable level and spent six incredibly enjoyable years in ‘Echoes’, a Pink Floyd tribute band.

Many thanks for visiting – drop me a line via social media and say ‘hi’.

John Vassar

February 2017


Brief biog from Synchricity, publishers of ‘Provider Prime: Alien Legacy’:

Growing up watching the science fiction classics on TV and film, John became a lifelong fan of the genre. It was only a matter of time before his imagination started creating new stories and visions of the future. Always an avid reader, writing is now his passion, followed by a love of music and a self-confessed obsession with the electric guitar. He will always own at least five more of these than he actually needs…

John was born in Warwickshire, moved to Hertfordshire to study Aero Engineering and now lives in London with Sharon, his long-term (and long-suffering) partner.

He has never forgiven the science shows he watched as a kid for making him believe that by now he would be driving his own hover-car.

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