Origins and concept for ‘Provider Prime’

From the outset I wanted Provider Prime to be accessible. By this, I mean not so full of jargon and head-spinning scientific concepts that the story gets lost behind complex descriptions of the future worlds that an author can create. Anyone who’s watched a sci-fi show on the TV or a mainstream SF movie will be able to understand how Lee Mitchell’s world functions. I confess I’m not clever enough to write ‘hard sci-fi’ with any degree of conviction and my own preference is to read a story that’s primarily about people. So, that’s what I tried to do with Provider Prime.

It’s been many years in the making. I had a basic concept and narrative over 15 years ago! The story itself has twisted and turned many times, but the basic concept has always remained solid. It’s the story of a man who goes through a life-changing experience, participating in and witnessing events that will change the course of human civilisation. He just happens to be living in the year 2203 when these events occur. We see his life as he sees it, not from an external viewpoint. There are no explanations as to the technology of the time unless it’s pertinent to the story, nor have I invented a new kind of street-talk for this future world. To me as an author it was important that we understand what’s happening rather than asking the reader to deal with a new sub-language at the same time. There are a few slang terms but hopefully nothing counter-intuitive. First and foremost, this is an adventure!

I have thoroughly enjoyed writing Provider Prime and I hope this comes across to the reader. First and foremost, I wanted this novel to be entertaining and involving.

As for the future, my head is already spinning with ideas for the human race beyond the events of 2203.

Watch this space… 


The Lost Prologue…

Before submitting the manuscript for ‘Provider Prime’ to literary gents and publishers, I was undecided about whether to include a prologue. Initially it seemed like a good idea but after some intensive research it became apparent that agents in particular dislike the notion of a prologue intensely, especially if it is essentially nothing more than an information dump…

Eventually, I decided not to include it in the submitted manuscripts or in the finished work as published. When housekeeping some files on my PC the other day I read it through again and quite enjoyed it! I then thought maybe it would be a good idea to include it in the blog and let readers decide for themselves whether it helps or hinders their understanding of the narrative. It does give a little more background into Delere Secos and the Latere Volgis in particular. There are no spoilers as far as I can judge and if you’ve been bold enough to read Provider Prime already, it may tempt you with a little more ‘future history’ – the Prologue is written from a vantage point several decades past the events of the novel itself.



Link to ‘The lost Prologue’


By John Vassar

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Published at last!

Nearly a year behind schedule ( no excuses, life plus heavy editing got in the way… ) Provider Prime has finally hit the bookshelves. Link below to the UK Amazon page – you can select either paperback or e-book (Kindle) format from here or get a free preview:-

The Kindle / e-book is also available at Amazon US, DE, FR, ES, IT, NL, BR, CA, MX, AU, IN and JP sites ( enter B01MR232I5 into the search box or search for John Vassar Provider Prime ).

The paperback is also available at Amazon US, DE, FR, ES, IT and JP sites ( enter 1520284942 into the search box or search for John Vassar Provider Prime )

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