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The Lost Prologue…

Before submitting the manuscript for ‘Provider Prime’ to literary agents and publishers, I was undecided about whether to include a prologue. After some intensive research it became apparent that agents in particular dislike the notion of a prologue intensely, especially if it is essentially nothing more than an information dump…

I decided not to include it in the submitted manuscripts or in the finished work as published. When housekeeping some files on my PC the other day I read it through again and quite enjoyed it! I then thought maybe it would be a good idea to include it in the blog and let readers decide for themselves whether it helps or hinders their understanding of the narrative. It does give a little more background into Delere Secos and the Latere Volgis in particular. There are no spoilers as far as I can judge and if you’ve been bold enough to read Provider Prime already, it may tempt you with a little more ‘future history’ – the Prologue is written from a vantage point several decades past the events of the novel itself.



Link to ‘The lost Prologue’


By John Vassar

Published at last!

Nearly a year behind schedule ( no excuses, life plus heavy editing got in the way… ) Provider Prime has finally hit the bookshelves. Link below to the UK Amazon page – you can select either paperback or e-book (Kindle) format from here or get a free preview:-

The Kindle / e-book is also available at Amazon US, DE, FR, ES, IT, NL, BR, CA, MX, AU, IN and JP sites ( enter B01MR232I5 into the search box or search for John Vassar Provider Prime ).

The paperback is also available at Amazon US, DE, FR, ES, IT and JP sites ( enter 1520284942 into the search box or search for John Vassar Provider Prime )

I will also be updating / adding a couple of new pages to the blog over the next few days – apologies in advance for the notifications!